DF Stories

One Year On

A fairly quiet first year was had at Holdstake.

The fortress has taken shape and the bare essentials are carved out of the hillside. Goose or some other bird must’ve been “in” this christmas as we started out this spring with a rafter of turkeys.

A dwarf died for some reason, claimed it was of thirst but he was sat about 10 yards from the booze pile and started rotting and stinking the place out with miasma :/ I made a corpse pile outside and his stinking carcass was hauled out and the fresh air cleaned the place up in no time. Oh yes he died in the main dining room where children and kittens were running over his body and eating their fish fingers.

One guy failed to find any bones for his strange mode and is wandering around feeling melancholy. Hope that doesn’t turn into chop-off-everyone’s-head-choly.

The collection of miscellaneous pets running around did spot a kobold or two trying to pinch some rock coffers. They got scared off and appeared to leave with nothing in their mitts.

As spring approached we got news of a huge wave of migrant would be coming any day now. Guess some more bedrooms would need hollowing out of the rock. Plus some more faces for a military…

Some Traps

A few traps should keep us safe until we get a military in order.

A light sprinkling of snow keeps the ground chilly and balls in their pockets